Can Writing Stuff Down Really be Therapeutic?

Anyone who regularly writes a diary, or those of us who always have a notebook to hand doesn’t need research to tell them that writing stuff down is great. The Independent reported earlier this year on a study led by neuroscientist Kuniyoshi Sakai at University of Tokyo which found students who took notes by hand […]

Developer of CBT dies

Dr Aaron T Beck, the groundbreaking psychotherapist who developed cognitive therapy, died last week aged 100. The Guardian reports that Beck’s work revolutionised the diagnosis and treatment of depression and other psychological disorders. It prompts patients to focus on distortions in their day-to-day thinking, rather than on conflicts buried in childhood. He developed the treatment […]

10 Stress Busters

Feeling stressed? You may feel stressed when there’s too much to do and can’t find time to fit it all in; you may feel stressed at the end of the month when there’s not enough money left; you may feel stressed when you have issues with colleagues or bosses and you feel stressed before you […]

Travel & Anxiety after the Pandemic

Holiday bookings are now soaring after the government announced a relaxation of international travel rules. The traffic light system which has caused many travellers so much grief will be replaced by just one ‘red list’ of destinations. Travellers arriving in England will have to quarantine in a government-approved hotel. Also, if you are fully vaccinated […]

Hypnotherapy on Zoom

How does Hypnotherapy on Zoom work? Before the pandemic, not many people were familiar with  Zoom. But over the past months, many of us have used it to keep in touch with family and friends, conduct our day to day business with clients etc. So holding a hypnotherapy session with clients is pretty much the […]

Needle Phobia?

Are you double jabbed yet? We’ve all been encouraged to get the vaccination to safeguard ourselves and others. But a minority of people haven’t taken it up. The Vaccine Alliance reported new research which shows that needle phobia could be the cause of 10% of COVID vaccine hesitancy in the UK. Apparently, people who are […]

Working from home and looking after your mental health

Working from home is currently the norm for most of us. Life has changed so much over the past year and the huge changes brought about in our lifestyles by the Covid 19 pandemic mean that we have all had to adjust to different ways of living and working. Among the biggest changes is that […]

Post lockdown anxiety – the results

Post Lockdown Anxiety – the survey A recent survey undertaken by Anxiety UK shows that for many people the end of lockdown can’t come soon enough, with almost 37% looking forward to returning to normal life. However, 36% of over 900 respondents said they were quite happy to stay at home and 27% had no […]

Lockdown Easing – How Are You Feeling?

Lockdown has been difficult for many of us, for lots of different reasons. In full lockdown things might have felt more certain or predictable, as the rules were clearer. But now that lockdown restrictions are easing things might feel less clear, and there may be new challenges. It can feel stressful when things are changing. […]

Online Hypnotherapy in St Albans

Are you looking for online hypnotherapy in St Albans? Online Hypnotherapy in St Albans Due to the current Covid-19 situation, all hypnotherapy sessions are currently conducted via Zoom. Online hypnotherapy is convenient, easy to access and just as effective as working face to face. There has even been recent research carried out which proves that […]