Rising cost of living – how to handle the stress

Dealing with stress caused by the cost of living is a common challenge that many people face in today’s world. Rising expenses, financial pressures, and economic uncertainties can all contribute to feelings of anxiety and stress. In this blog post, we’ll explore some practical strategies to help you manage and cope with stress related to […]

Navigating the Waves of Change: Understanding Anxiety in the New Year

  In the crisp embrace of a new year, we often find ourselves standing at the threshold of change, eager for the possibilities that lie ahead. However, the path to transformation is not always smooth, and the specter of anxiety can cast its shadow on even the most promising beginnings. Imagine Sarah, a young professional […]

Give yourself the gift of mental well-being this Christmas

Decking the Halls and Mindfulness Bliss Amidst the tinsel and twinkling lights, it’s crucial to find your sanctuary of serenity. Incorporate moments of mindfulness into your holiday routine. Whether it’s a quiet cup of tea by the fire or a brisk winter walk, these pauses can be like mental twinkling lights in the chaos, reminding […]

Mental Health Stigma

Unfortunately, not everyone understands mental health problems. Some people may have misconceptions about what certain diagnoses mean. They may also use language you find dismissive, offensive or hurtful. This can be very upsetting – especially if someone who feels this way is a family member, colleague or a healthcare professional. But it’s important to remember […]

What is generalised anxiety disorder?

Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. Many people may worry about things such as health, money, or family problems. But people with GAD feel extremely worried or nervous more frequently about these and other things—even when there is little or no reason to worry about them. GAD usually involves a persistent feeling of […]

It feels like a weight off my shoulders!

  “I would recommend Gillian to anyone that suffers with any sort of anxiety! I had my doubts about trying this out to begin with, but all I literally needed was 5 sessions with Gillian, and now my anxiety has just gone? Definitely one of the best things I have ever done. It feels like […]

10 Proven Strategies to Overcome Social Anxiety and Boost Your Confidence

Are you tired of feeling anxious and self-conscious in social situations? Do you struggle with making new friends or speaking up in group settings? If so, you’re not alone. Social anxiety affects millions of people around the world, but the good news is that it’s a treatable condition. With the right strategies and mindset, you […]

4 Coping Strategies for Anxiety

What is Anxiety or General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)? Put simply, GAD is essentially worrying about worrying. If you feel anxious about a whole range of issues rather than a specific issue or event, the likely diagnosis is GAD. For most people, their anxiety is far greater than the situation warrants and it comes with physical […]

Best treatment for anxiety

Here at Behavioural Freedom, I understand that you may not immediately see the differences between anxiety and stress. This page will tell you all about the types of anxiety disorders I treat but for an answer to the question ‘what is anxiety’, please go to the What is Stress & Anxiety page. If you have […]

Workplace Stress on the Rise?

A recent article confirmed what many of us had suspected. Long hours and bad workplace experiences are leading workers around the world to feel more stressed and disengaged. Employee well-being is stagnating, with COVID-19, long hours and bad workplace experiences all to blame, a new Gallup report says. Stress and worry are on the rise, […]