Coronavirus information for clients attending appointments at The Behavioural Freedom Clinic.

  1. All clients will be asked to complete forms, online, prior to their appointment.
  2. All clients will be asked to complete a COVID screening form prior to their appointment.
  3. High levels of therapist hygiene will be adhered to with regular and thorough hand washing throughout the day, including in between every appointment.
  4. Appointments will be booked at least 10-15 minutes apart to reduce patient interaction and to allow additional time for cleaning measures in between clients.
  5. Upon arrival, the client will be asked to use alcohol hand gel.
  6. Clients must attend the clinic wearing a face mask but this will not be required to be worn in the treatment room itself.
  7. Where possible the therapist and client must maintain a two meter distance during the session.
  8. Clients should arrive at or as close to their appointed time as possible and wait in their car our outside the clinic if they arrive early. 
  9. Only the client will be allowed into the clinic with the exception of essential carers and parents accompanying children.
  10. No children (unless being treated) are allowed into the clinic.
  11. Appointments will be finished promptly and not be allowed to over run to minimise and control client interaction with other members of the public.